#LondonAdventure SkyGarden – The City

You may have noticed there’s been a significant absence of Mattias in Blasmin’s life at the moment.

Her new life in Brixton is a world away from Fulham and it seems, alas, their paths to adventure have forked.

Never one to stay down in the dumps for two long, Blasmin decided the sky was the only limit she was prepared to accept for her next jaunt in the city. She met fellow northerner, Android, a technical architect whose heart belonged in Manchester and whose sense of adventure had a firmly American twang to it, at Sky Garden in the city to get drunk off the panoramic view of London as the sun set over the city and over another chapter in each of their lives.

For Android, London was to be left behind as he planned to adventure in another, cheaper, more familiar city and for Blasmin, she would have to find another adventuring companion too.

The view was truly spectacular, with lush greenery in your peripheral, it felt we were in the very definition of an urban jungle. Drinks, were not as sky high as the view and so, if you want to poignantly toast the past and look ahead to the future, you too should head to SkyGarden.

Always one to take her own advice, Blasmin made her way just two days later to meet the dashing Mr Wickham and go back to Sky Garden. He was coming into town and she was keen to show him just why London was so great. A little bit taken back by all the finery Blasmin had donned for the occasion, Mr Wickham was suitably impressed with both views it seemed. Sipping sweet cocktails as ornamental as the view, Mr Wickham dropped quite the bombshell that might just put a stopper to the adventure that might take off…

For now though, she put it to the back of her mind and ascended even higher to SushiSamba. But there’s only so high you can go, things will still catch up, no matter how good the mango cooler is.

Blasmin had a lot of thinking to do. It may take another trip to SkyGarden, this time alone, to contemplate with London lay in front of her, the city full of answers-  if you know where to look – just exactly if an adventure with Mr Wickham was one she should embark on…

Go for a date.  If they’re boring, amuse yourself wit the view and great cocktail list, if they’re amazing, the same applies


Sky Garden, 20 Fenchurch Street London EC3M 3BY


Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

Here’s some photos I Instagrammed the shit outta

IMG_20150904_225743 IMG_20150904_002039 IMG_20150901_200044 IMG_20150901_212408 SkyGarden reviewed on The London Adventurer

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