#LondonAdventure Bompas and Parr

Bompas and Parr reviewed by Yasmin Jaunbocus on The London Adventurer. Photo originally appeared in Shortlist

In the spirit of adventure, Blasmin set out to Bompas and Parr in Borough Market to take part in the much discussed Alcoholic Architecture.

She’d read quite the shocking review in Shortlist a few weeks ago and to be honest, she thought they’d let them off lightly.

For £12, you too can go to a badly themed monastery-esque bar (SRSLY, did they deck it out in accessories found in Poundland?) and don a plastic poncho dotted in blue crosses, stand around for ten minutes, realise, wait, this is it and then see how long you last before you have to leave because A) boredom and B) you don’t even get a free drink!

The basis of Alcoholic Architecture (just fancy words put together to create buzz, FYI) is to inhale alcohol and take it in through your skin and eyes. Hands-free drinking if you will.  Apart from this meant you had nothing to do with your hands but uncomfortably try and put it in your pocket only to realise you’re wearing a skirt….

Alcoholic Architecture could be good fun as an immersive experience, but at the moment, it’s more architecture under construction than Bompas and Parr’s maximum opus.

So if you want to feel like you have somebody’s warm ginny breath blown over you for 90 minutes which equals to 1 gin and tonic, then go forth young adventurer.

Blasmin for one, moved out of Oldham to avoid that very thing happening to her 24/7

Here’s quite a cool photo i instagrammed the shit out of.

Bompas and Parr - Alcoholic Architecture reviewed on The London Adventurer-  Yasmin Jaunbocus

If you’re Bompas and Parr-ched and fancy a drink, or … cloud, then head to

17 Rushworth Street
London, SE1 0RB
+44 (0)20 7403 9403

Bom(pas)bard them here on twitter

Instagram stalk them here

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