#LondonAdventure Cahoots – Kingly Court – Soho


Not content with sitting in a disused public toilet to sip on moderately priced cocktails, Blasmin decided a disused train station would be the next place to try for her London Adventure.

Descending into the depths of Kingly Court in Soho, Blasmin went to meet Mr Wickham at Cahoots, a little nervous, and already giggly from the Parisian Summer cocktail she’d already downed at Bar Americain. This was down to thirst of course, who has time for 8 glasses of water a day? Cocktails are much easier to drink.

After haggling with door man and forgetting the password, Blasmin stumbled down the steps, past a ticket boy and straight into the 1940’s.  Polkadotted and pin curled waitresses showed Blasmin and Mr Wickham to her table with carriage seats and menus printed on old style papers and lit by candle light flickering on the low slung tables.

Two strangers on the train chugged through the extensive cocktail list from chocolate and coffee concoctions to gin with slices of fiery chilli.  All the cocktails were retro inspired, brimming with wartime trivia and exuded that effortlessly stylishness that everything of that era seemed to have.

Blasmin tried to act a little more demure than usual, but 4th cocktail in it was a rip-roaring hoo-hah- rather than a sophisticated soiree she might’ve hoped for.  Luckily for her, all those out on Tuesday night seemed to have the same idea and Mr Wickham was a modern man.

Cahoots was a  real blast from the past, made the daily commute a little more interesting and it’ll be full steam ahead for another return journey there.

FYI go to the toilets for a real lesson in cockney slang.

Go if you want to experience the joys of public transport without having to top up your oyster card, cos you know, we don’t spend enough time on the tube as it is…

Don’t go if themed bars aren’t your thing – though credit where is due, Cahoots was not gimmicky at all and very well executed.

Two Cocktails £20

P.S Mr Wickham was a perfect gentleman.

Here’s a picture I insta’d the shit out of to make it look more of the era

Cahoots, Soho - reviewed on The London Adventurer


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