#LondonAdventure Bermondsey Arts Club

The weather this week last week left a lot to be desired.  Muggy, hot, wet and languid, it left Blasmin pining for sun that kissed her shoulders and made everyone look good in white (apart from baggy white linen trousers middle aged mums insist on wearing once the weather improves in Britain.  It’s not a good look. Seriously)

A persistent dribble drip dropped on Blasmin as she waited impatiently for Dr A to arrive for a pre-wedding jaunt catch up in the London Bridge area.  Only 15 minutes late, and Blasmin beginning to understand the frustration people must feel when others are left waiting for her, Dr A arrived, a vision in white, her hair Fulham blow dried and leaving Blasmin feeling she looked a little Gothic in her black crop top and high-waisted denim outfit, they made their way to a disused public toilet on Bermondsey Street to commence their catch up, naturally, because in London, a nice bar in a normal building is so grossly small town, we can’t even…

Select Spritz at Bermondsey Cocktail Club  As reviewed on The London Adventurer

Dr A and Blasmin descended the stairs into what used to be a public toilets, and is now an ultra chic, wall to wall tiled secret cocktail bar,to get pissed, and so it stands that the original concept of the building still remains…

Over two very pretty cocktails, Blasmin and Dr A talked about how shitty boys were, how shitty couples were and lamented their broken hearts. Then they got giddy about the fact Dr A is going to go break hearts in Australia, got deep about losing yourself in London, the type of losing yourself even Citymapper can’t help, and vowed they would never become those boring ‘couple’ people who suddenly want to spend their nights Netflixing and being gross eating pizza together instead of discovery each other’s, and all of London’s, little quirks and secrets.

Clover Club Cocktail- picture from BAC reviewed on The London Adventurer

Go to Bermondsey Art Club if you feel your life is going down the crapper and you need to be cheered.

Don’t go to Bermondsey Arts Club if you get squeamish if you start thinking about eating and drinking, in the toilet…

Two cocktails less than £20 and it’s definitely one of those places to smugly post about going to on Instagram

Here’s a really shitty instagram I took of the beautiful bar but which completely misses the whole point of it being a disused public toilet so it could be anywhere…

The bar - BAC - Reviewed by Yasmin Jaunbocus on The London Adventurer

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BTW, they are super good with reservations.  Drop them an email.

102 Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 4PT


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