#LondonAdventure Smoking Hot at Miss P’s POPBrixton

Blasmin lives by the whole a little bit of what you fancy does you good and so, even though there are impending events upcoming where she has to slink into bargain ball gowns sourced on ebay and vintage shops, she has to splurge her saved up calories once a week somewhere that feels dirty, finger-licking inducing and results in sitting satisfied knowing it’s going to be nearly impossible to move. But kinda still wants more. Gross, I know, but you all know what I mean.

This hump day celebrate getting through the worst part of the week at Miss P’s in Pop Brixton in South London.  From the wooden shack, be drawn in by the smell of Atlanta style smoked meats and surrender yourself to their crunchy, creamy coleslaw that is still light and zingy.

The menu is small but perfectly formed: the juiciest smoked chicken, the most melt in your mouth brisket and golden, crunchy cat fish and Cajun fries that make your lips tingle just the right amount. The caramel notes of the brioche buns compliment the smokiness of the meats beautifully and the zing of that coleslaw keeps things fresh.

If you’re in the Wednesday post lunch slump, and your lunch mostly consisted of wilted spinach, tinned tuna and unripe avocado, then make things right like Blasmin, and treat yourself to a little of what you fancy at PopBrixton tonight Let Miss P cater to you with Atlanta style hospitality and love to make you forget you still have two more days at work before the weekend…

Go if you have been paid and need to eat like a king but have the balance of a pauper/ haven’t been paid and want to eat out somewhere you can still afford that’s not the reduced to clear section in Aldi. 

I can’t think of a reason not to go…

Find your #humpday salvation at  #PopBrixton all for under a tenner, the cajun fries are a steal for £2.

49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ

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I stole this picture from Miss P becuase the smell of their smoked meats made Blasmin go into a hypnotic daze and she’d devoured the thing before she’d had chance to shitstagram it on her Samsung Galaxy S3

#Humpday deliciousness to  cheer you all up.
#Humpday deliciousness to cheer you all up.

To see more pictures Blasmin sometimes instagrams the shit out of, follow her at @yj53

Happy Humpday y’all


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