#LondonAdventure – UNLIMITED RIBS OR CALAMARI at Salvador and Amanda – Bloomsbury


After last week, Blasmin and Segrena are hoping to encounter some good luck, karma etc and as things would have it, the tapas God’s at Salvador and Amanda had just the small plates salvation in store for the damsels in distress to keep them alive and well though their finances were still floundering.

UNLIMITED Calamari, lightly battered, a squidge of aioli, fragrant with garlic and UNLIMITED sticky pork ribs flavoured with orange blossom and melt in the mouth, all accompanied by UNLIMITED crispy fries drew Blasmin and Segrena like two hungry skint Londoners to an incredible bargain….  Blasmin and Segrena thought they had suffered a heat induced hallucination walking past the packed restaurant in Bloomsbury, but alas, it was true!

They rubbed their eyes, their bellies growled and in they went following their thirst for sangria, Spanish omelettes and Spanish waiters called Jose.

£9.50 gets you UNLIMITED calamari or ribs and fries, beer, wine or soft drink, and boy did Blasmin and Segrena attempt to test just how UNLIMITED that meant.

Unfortunately, their impoverished little stomachs could only handle three portions!

Check out Salvador & Amanda if like Blasmin and Segrena, your eyes are much bigger than your stomach/wallet every Wednesday in Bloomsbury.




BTW, did we mention it was UNLIMITED? Yeah? OK, good.

My shitsagram of UNLIMITED calamari on The London Adventurer from Salvador and Amanda

To see more shit picues I took on my samsung s3 and then instagrammed the shit out of to make it look like I own a DLR/SLR/fancy camera, follow me @yj53


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