#LondonAdventure – Karma Cola at Honest Burgers

You could argue Blasmin had had a shitty start to the week. Literally.  Her little Brixton Palace had some plumbing problems it seemed and decided to announce them on Monday morning.

Just another story to add to Blasmin and Segrena’s memoir… It got her thinking though, always one to do a friend, and even foe, a favour, how had she built up so much bad karma? Things needed to be rectified and luckily she could combine some of her favourite things: eating, drinking, restaurants, burgers and guys called Tom, in one in order to do it. No, Honest.

In fact, Honest Burger is where all the good karma was being cooked up. No, literally.

Honest Burger have teamed up with super tasty, all natural and organic, craft cola, Karma Cola, to produce the epic Karma Cola Burger special, which not only tastes incredible, but £1 of every burger sold goes back to Sierra Leon to the Karma Cola Foundation where the cola nut (the delicious little nut cola flavourings come from) is grown. NUTS!

Karam cola is good for your soul, honestly. - Kara burger reviewed on The London Adventurer.

Alarmingly, though over 2 billion colas are consumed every day, Blasmin was dismayed to find out that hardly any of those products used the cola nut, and even fewer benefited the community who cherish the cola nut.

Karma Cola fills you with feel good fizziness, taste like those cola flavoured jelly sweets, is all natural and available at Waitrose nationwide for only £1.59- a bargain considering the Karma Kudos you’ll be building up.

Head down to Honest burgers for two weeks only and enjoy the melt in the mouth cola cooked brisket topped jalapeno burger, sip a Karma Cola  and enjoy,  all in the knowledge that your stomach, heart and peace of mind will be full!

Karma Burger @ Honest – £11.50 (£1 of it goes to charity) – More deets on its outrageousness and Karma Cola cocktails, read here


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