#LondonAdventure – Craft Kitchen – Clapham South

Mondays are meant for fast food, I’m sorry, but only crazy people start diets on a Monday! It won’t last! it’s the most miserable day of the week, who wants to eat cardboard carrots, oat crackers and week old hummus when your mouth still feels like carpet from exertions at the weekend?

Certainly not Blasmin and Segrena.

Life, in general, has not been kind to our damsels in city stress of late.  Burst pipes, house move, using paint rollers and succumbing to fried chicken from Morley’s hasn’t been the kindest on their bank accounts, morale and general well-being and it’s gotten around to Monday and you betchya bottomest bottom pound coin that Blasmin and Segrena are gonna feast like metropolitan royalty tonight.

They want a juicy burger, sinful rosemary fries, double fried for extra strength Monday Blue chasing and something fizzy to wash it all down with for a tenner, ideally, please and thankyou.

Enter Craft Kitchen in Clapham South along the leafy roads past the common where Breton teed couples sip Aperol spritzers under shady gazebos and the smell of freshly bbq’d chicken, burgers and bread wafts through the inside-outside restaurant who just happen to have this exact deal on offer!

The burger was really good, juicy and well-seasoned, the fries could have been seasoned a touch more, and the buttery brioche laughed in the Monday dieter’s faces. The option of a beer, soft drink or house wine made it almost feel like it was still the weekend, if it hadn’t been for the horror of the emails from the weekend Monday morning and best of all, it was all for a tenner.

Monday magic at Craft Kitchen for sure.

FYI they also have a happy hour between 5-7 (cocktails starting at a bargain fiver!) and you know how much Blasmin and Segrena like a happy hour! 

Go if you live for the weekend, but yeah, it’s Monday now.

Don’t go id you’re sticking to your guns and having lettuce for dinner tonight cos you’re diet started today.


Can I have tweet with that?

Craft Kitchen - Clapham South- Reviewed on The London Adventurer -  Yasmin Jaunbocus

Really bad photo I instagrammed the shit out of before devouring burger.

To see more photos I’ve instagrammed the shit out of, follow me here.


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