#LondonAdventure POP-DOWN – Cuisson London – St James

Forget Pop Ups, it’s all about POP DOWN nowadays and trend leaders Cuisson are the first in the next step in culinary experiences in food capital of the world, London. Created by luxury gastronomy experts, Cuisson, POP-DOWN moves away from the usual supper club concept, but delivers inventive, high-end dining at affordable prices, with a menu that is full of surprises.

Blasmin had hardly had time to pop up, or down for anything of late and arriving 25 (more like 45 minutes) late to meet Mattias for dinner, after running through Green Park tube to change line IN HEELS, they arrived just in time to down their welcome cocktail and catch up with the first course.

The yoghurt, cucumber and dill soup, stylishly presented, was the perfect dish to cool down and it left them with time to chat to the other invited guests. The duck pate was amazing, they sampled the poshest potato salad they’d ever eaten and melt in the mouth salmon cooked at a very specific temperature, a detail that too much wine has now erased. Dessert involved shortbread and so was a clear winner.

Blasmin and Mattias got involved with the interactive experience where they could watch the chefs plate up, each course was accompanied by an explanation revealing the wonders of haute cuisine and whilst still keeping things playful and more relaxed than some stuffy Michelin star experinces.

The menu is designed by the Cuisson team, who collectively trained in some of the world’s top restaurants (The Fat Duck, Galvin at windows, Le Gavroche, The Square, Maze and Adam Simmons), the POP-Down menu fuses classic French cooking with modernist techniques and what with the expense of moving home, being a skint adventurer and all the rest of it, this playful experience, giving you the chance to watch the magic happen whilst eating some outstanding food is a London Adventure and a half at £39 for 8 courses!

They’re open for business every Thursday- Saturday in the basement of a stylish coffee shop in St James.

Seriously, PopDown soon!

Go on a date if stuffy dinners make you nervous

Don’t go if you want to stare lovingly in yourdate’s eyes. You have to interact with others here! All Good fun

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here are some pictures I took badly then instagrammed the shit out of

IMG_20150628_150947Pop Down- Reviewed on The London Adventurer

Duck pate at Pop Down London Reviewed by The London Adventurer


8 Northumberland Avenue,
Greater London
07503 661 757

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