Tuscany Adventure with #TuscanyNominate & Tuscany Now?

Mondays are always hard, no matter if you had a green smoothie this morning, went for a run, had a chilled weekend, or like Blasmin and Segrena, found themselves about London town at restaurant pop ups or downs (blog on this to come soon), dancing to jazz reggae at iconic Brixton establishment, Hootenany’s or partying with the crowds at Wireless with Drake.


All this, combined with a house move to a new address, leaving the leafy avenues and Georgian townhouses of Fulham and Chelsea and Segrena, Kings Cross, to move to the vibrant hub of Brixton to their quaint little apartment they now can call home. TOGETHER!

Let’s just say, this weekend has been exhausting.  In fact the past year has been exhausting! It’s safe to assume, if Blasmin had a little more money in her account, she’d whisk away her best friend, the girl that’s had her back, through the thick and thin of the last year, so they can just chill out after the hardest 7 months of their lives. Segrena has been a constant for Blasmin. Holding her hand when she lost her job, mopping up the tears when boys were mean, scoffing takeaway pizza together when they should be on an all juice cleanse and being her London family in one of the busiest but loneliest cities in the world.


She’d take her bestie back to Italy again after their first Italian adventure in Milan last year and this time, their time-keeping will improve and they’ll make the plane in a less frantic state! They’d recline in Tuscany, toasting to another glorious sunset, stay in a beautiful Italian cottage surrounded by olive groves, and explore the city of Florence. They’d take a well-deserved break from adventuring in LDN town and treat themselves to time in Tuscany. They certainly deserve a break after all the bum cards they’ve been getting dealt lately.  Let’s just hope their luck has changed!

Some of Blasmin’s greatest adventures, in London and further afield, have been with her gurlll Segrena and she definitely deserves a #TuscanyNominate.

Do you have an adventurer, friend, parent or colleague who deserves some R&R in Italy? #TuscanyNominate them too in a blog post and perhaps win that coveted trip for you both courtesy of Tuscany Now!

God, I’d take so many pictures to instagram the hell out of in Italy if we were lucky enough to go. All of the GELATO and TOO MUCH PASTA. We’re going to be fuelled on carbs.

Fingers crossed I’ll have to start brushing up my Italian skills. Currently, I’m fully conversant in Pizza, but that’s about it

For more details on how to enter, click here: www.tuscanynow.com/blog/?p=630

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