#LondonAdventure – The Life Goddess – Soho


HOW IS IT ONLY WEDNESDAY is the resounding undertone to all Blasmin’s emails to Segrena today

I KNOW RIGHT? is pretty much the overlying response to Blasmin’s redundant questions.

Despondent, and in a sad way, Segrena has just the thing- COCKTAILS

But they gotta be cheap, because red must be so this season, it seems Blasmin’s And Segrena’s overdrafts think it’s the new black

Luckily, Blasmin knows just the space, and guess what, it wasn’t ‘spoons.

The Life Goddess, a Greek Deli, is just the ticket.

The Life Goddess draws on deep traditions from the rich, vibrant and tasty culture, to one where hospitality, nurturing and growth is at its roots.  The restaurant, on the first floor of the ever-stylish and eclectic Kingly Court in Soho, stopped its patrons spilling out onto the balconies and the smell of roasting lamb, fragrant with herbs and garlic, floated out enticing us in. White cloth draped around lights and greenery crept up walls. It was as outside in Greece as Blasmin and Segrena could be without having to fork out for flights and suddenly, the world of work is but a distant memory as they wait for rose gimlets to arrive.

Baby pink, adorned with petals, topped with a crown of froth and held in adorable crystal cut glasses, this really was the kiss from a rose they both needed after yet another hectic week in the lives of Blasmin and Segrena.

My shitstagram of my drink
My shitstagram of my drink

Luckily, when the bill came, they could continue their zen moods as The Life Goddess offers all day happy hour with £6 cocktails including classics like the cosmopolitan and something a lil fruity now summer is kinda here, the mango Margarita.

So chin up chucks, it may be Wednesday but celebrate Weekend Eve in style tonight at The Life Goddess!

Go if you want to feel like Carrie Bradshaw & Samantha tonight but are really more Ab Fab

Don’t go if you’re one of those guys that are like OMGEEE So cheap, that means I can buy twice as much, right? RIGHT?

Bleat them on Twitter here
1st Floor, Kingly Court
Carnaby St, London
020 7287 3370

most photos stolen from The Life Goddess, the rest got the shit instalambed out of them. I’m not kid- ding

To follow my instalambing, search yj53

The Life Goddess- Reviewed on The London Adventurer

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