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Ok, so Segrena was away this weekend, Mattias was hard at work as usual, Dr A and SilverIsBetterThanGold have all got plans, and Blasmin is friendless, planless and adventureless.

Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so.  When you live in London, a city full of people, it’s easy to find yourself alone with nothing fun to do. (cos you already did that cool but confident thing of go to galleries on your own and there’s only so many lattes you can drink in an artisan coffee shop scrolling through instagram) Luckily for you, there’s an app to take advantage of the best of London when your besties are out of town.

East London Hype gets a group of strangers together, takes them to hot spots around an area of London and lets you mingulate (new word)  on a social adventure.  From discovering the hottest cocktails, sampling gelato and ending things messily in some of the cities best bars, this is the app to download when you feel like a billy no mates.

Blasmin had a blast on a Soho walking tour with tour guide Ernie beginning at the bright and eclectic Kingly Court and she even made two very cool friends, Carmen and Arannia. These two Spanish sernoritas were also making friends and adventuring in London and reminded Blasmin of a more exotic Blasmin and Segrena. God, miss that gurrl when she outta town!

East London Hype don’t just got walking tours, check out their cocktail masterclasses, restaurant evenings, comedy and gigs.

Tickets are free with voluntary contributions to help fund the project of connecting lonely Londoners.

It’s like Tinder but for friends whilst being chaperoned!

The app’s creators were two friends who were used to people new to the city asking for recommendations on the best places to go and eat, play, party and make new friends.  They figured, everybody would need a friend in this big bad city at some point and hence, the app was born!

Go if you’re a billy no mates 

Don’t go if you’re anti social. it’s forced fun with stranger,s you have to be in the mood.

Follow East London Hype here 

Download app here


All pictures stolen from their Instagram

To see my pictures that i’ve instagrammed the shit out of on my Samsung Galaxy s3, follow me on instagram on @yj53

 Screenshot_2015-06-21-23-30-16-1 Screenshot_2015-06-21-23-30-25-1 Screenshot_2015-06-21-23-30-58-1 Screenshot_2015-06-21-23-31-22-1


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