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HUMPDAY: All ideas of virtuousness is a bygone era and breakfast/lunch/acceptable eating time was hours ago. I. need. sugar. Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 16.51.12 The glamour of just being paid has worn off and yes, Blasmin is in the red again. Whattt? The weekend happened ok?!  So I can’t blow it on macarons from Lauderee, and no way is a banana gonna cut it today, but Blasmin wants more of a treat than a Tesco on offer Milk Chocolate Digestives by Mcvities (top 3 favourite biscuits, FYI) so here’s the perfect answer to your sugar and money equation and the only result is happiness.

Enter, Konditor and Cook – these London based bakers have been rolling out delicious treats that won’t break the bank since 1993 and God are we thankful. Famous for their curly whirly cake, which FYI is delish, this cafe come cake shop is a firm fave with celebrities and the general public alike. Their brownies though, their brownies are like crack! No wonder rock stars keep going back.

Luckily for Blasmin, too, there’s a sneaky offer meaning you can enjoy four delicious brownies for the price of three. Share with colleges, or like the brownie crack addict that you are, eat one on the way back to the office, one with a cuppa when you get back in, hide one in your bag for the commute, and one for dessert.

The fudgepacker is a concoction of salted caramel and sea salt flakes, joint favourite for sure with the Boston brownie. Dark, decadent with a sour cherry pop. For gluten free-ers, their pecan packed brownie is the real deal and there’s the classic curly whirly too. You know what though, when that sugar low hits, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ plain brownie from K&C. Cos that, my chocolate minded friend, is also da bomb.

They also do tiny classics like a mini lemon meringue pie (dat curd tho’) which makes you feel ginormous cos they so cute and small, but also kinda guilt free.

Go if you need your fix now!

Don’t go if you’re on a diet, just don’t 

Konditor and Cook

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Mind Adventures:

Confessions of a Tinderella – Rosy Edwards – It’s probably frowned upon to Tinder on the tube but reading about it may be the next best thing.  This hilarious novel is full of charm, character and what it is really like to be lost and looking for love, amongst other things, in the city of London. Had me LOLLING all over the place. Love that she goes on snack breaks to get away from her office desk sometimes too! Buy here.

FYI: all pictures credited to Konditor and Cook. Blasmin shovelled hers so she wouldn’t have to share, hence no Samsung S5 pics that have had the shit instagrammed out of them to show you.

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