#LondonAdventure – Lobos Tapas – London Bridge


Mattias sometimes likes to pretend he’s from all over the world: he once claimed to be Italian, on another occasion, Basque, a friend once mentioned he looked Pakistani and he can get away with looking Spanish. Continuing down the Spanish avenue, Mattias also really likes tapas. This, teamed with the new opening of Lobos Tapas in London Bridge presented the perfect opportunity to explore his fake cultural heritage and eat some of his favourite cuisine.

Dressed in flamenco-esque red lace, Blasmin arrived at the restaurant underneath the bridge early (for once) and tapas’ed her foot impatiently. Luckily the surroundings kept her occupied in the meantime. A ruddy mixture of rich wood, forest greens, dim exposed bulbs and flashes of gold, it did feel quite Spanish. Cool that you could hear the trains rumble above you too and good use of the space.  The music choice had as much authenticity as Mattias’ origins however, but I’m impartial to Wonderwall, so I’ll let them off.

Chorizo was rich but the pan con tomate was way too garlicky, and Blasmin and Mattias love garlic. The croquettas were worth coming back for alone, and the tortilla beats any I’d had outside of Spain. I’d come back just for those, generous portion too. The arroz con constra was muy bueno. Excellente service and for some reason I really liked the toilets.  I think it was the sneaky wine cellar there.

Drinkwise: this isn’t somewhere to go if you fancy a cocktail inspired by Ibiza topped with a cherry and umbrella, it’s more dark and broody reds filled with bullfighter’s passion and local Spanish beers.

We stumbled over our Espanol ordering, devoured croquettas and drowned in red with rich fruity notes.

Go if know your chorizo from your iberico- a great place for tapas know-it-alls

Don’t go if you you think if you’re gonna be offended that patatas bravas are not on the menu

FYI, Mattias is in fact 1/2 persian and 1/2 Irish. MUY exotico

Average meal for 2 with drinks £130 or go to the soft launch and pay half price.

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14 Borough High Street, London. SE1 9QG
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