#LondonAdventure – The Jam Tree – Chelsea

Continuing the West London vibes, this time we wind down in chic Gastro pub The Jam Tree in Chelsea on the famous Kings Road.

On a corner and opposite the infamous Maremotos, the Jam Tree welcomes patrons with signature cocktails, with a spoonful of jam for added fun. There’s a mix of wood, metallic ceiling tiles and copper, not forgetting the fairy lights (white,obviously).

Blasmin &co whiled away a Sunday evening sipping watermelon martinis and very strong long island ice teas hoping to shmooze with the cast of Made in Chelsea, but alas no luck!

The pub has a great beer garden, perfect now the sun is coming out to play and even better for catching the more rugged type hanging in the fresh outdoors. They also have an upstairs for when things get sweatier on a Saturday night. And trust me, they do.

Blasmin &co hung out until closing time and were politely asked to leave.  Not until they finished the best Cosmopolitans they’d ever tasted however, so they still felt quite jammy.

Cocktails: £8-9

Go for a quiet date with good drinks that won’t leave a Chelsea sized hole in your pocket

Don’t go if you get funny if there’s seeds in your jam.

Try a Tropic thunder because it has pineapple jam in it and that shit good! 

The Garden at The Jam Tree- From The Jam Tree

The Bar at The Jam Tree- From The Jam Tree


541 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW6 2EB

020 3397 3739

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All photos from their website cos I didn’t want to mortify me  or &co with the flash that would inevitably blind Lucy Watson if she was there.

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