Whistle & Bango – London – Jewellery

My shitty instagram image of the box my beaut bangle came in!

Buy yours now with 20% off using promo code: BLOGGER20

Though my roots are frozen in the North of this green and pleasant land, there’s part of me that’s a Londoner through and through. (Sorry Manc).

As much as I hate the tube, I love it, I get frustrated at tourists on the wrong side of the escalator, I don’t shop on Oxford Street and I know about what’s hot in TimeOut before TimeOut has written about it (sometimes) (maybe) (not really, Timeout’s kinda the Bible).  London is my home and I’m proud to belong, so much so I wear it on my sleeve, or rather my wrists, nowadays.

Not too long ago, I won a Whistle & Bango enamel and gold bangle inscribed with the SW10 West Brompton postcode. Being a SW Londoner myself, this was the perfect addition to fitting in to my second home and add a touch of understated chic to my usual black skinnies and black polo combination.

These gorgeous bangles come in every London postcode worth living in, each in a different colour that reflects the character and style of the particular area. I love reading their descriptions!

SW10 – West Brompton – ‘Relaxing in an armchair with a cold glass at The Hollywood Arms, Going back in time to the 70s in Maggie’s nightclub, paying your respects to the Brompton Cemetery, one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’, Catching an award winning play at the tiny Finborough Theatre, Late night bites at the 24 hour Vingt Quatre on Fulham Road.’ 

Who know’s before long I might be wearing a SW2 bangle in roseate enamel. ‘Feasting on exotic food for bargain price in the revolutionary Brixton Village, Munching on popcorn whilst watching a film at the Ritzy Picture House, Indulging in sourdough pizza in the original Franco Manca, Overloading your senses with Jerk chicken and Whiffy fish at Brixton Market, Dancing the night way with the young crown at Dogstar.

(Watch this space for Blasmin and Segrena moving in!)

The bangles are coveted by prominent Londoners including Rosie Fortescue, Binky Falstead and might-as-well-be-a-Londoner, Stephanie Pratt!

They also come in International postcodes, or, if you live Milton Keynes and proud of it too, why not get a custom made bangle to show your home town love?

At £69 they’re a beautiful edition to your jewellery collection, evocative of a place and time in your life where the city you live in is everything.

Luckily for you, London Adventurers get 20% with promo code: BLOGGER20

You’re welcome.

Buy if you want to never again want to be asked what side of the river you’re from.

Don’t buy if weird guys approach you on public transport. 

Anyway, off to get the District Line. EURGH

Whistle and Bango SW10 - Review and discount!  The London Adventurer

To see me styling it looking oh so West London in photos that have the shit instagrammed out of, follow me @yj53.

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