#LondonAdventure – BunnyChow – Soho

BunnyChow - Soho -Review on The London Adventurer

Famished, Blasmin and Segrena wiled away the minutes until their reservation at BunnyChow. Eventually, they arrived on the corner of Wardour street in a hub of noise, colour and a touch of gay. Ah Soho.

We were greeted by Chef, owner, creator and  brains behind BunnyChow, Rishal, Aka- South-African-Ken-Doll- he was dreamy- and he talked us through what a Bunnychow was, what snacks we should snack on and what exactly samp was.  

Blasmin and Segrena, hungry as they were, swallowed up the street food related trivia and were interested to know that BunnyChows were basically hollowed out loaves filled with deliciousness and dreams. (£5)  South-African-Ken-Doll told us that traditionally, the bunnies were eaten as lunches as they were easily portable and filling, but today, they make a good post-night out dish too. Blasmin and Segrena, impartial to a cheesy pizza after a night on the town, may now be converted after chowing down on chakalaka chicken, melt in the mouth mutton, a veggie option that won’t leave you wanting and even the not-as-good-as-the-rest pulled pork option had its merits.  All this came encased in a carby cage hollowed loaf.  There’s the option for wholemeal, white and brioche loaf, all three delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to soaking up the curry sauce.

Life changing ribs - BunnyChow- Soho

The bunnies were something else, but don’t miss out on the starters either. Biltong, South African Beef jerky, had Blasmin scraping the bottom of the pot, secretly cursing whoever had had the last peice (Segrena even bought some for the main men in her life it was that good), piri popcorn had their lips tingling and OMGEE the pork scratchings by Wild Garlic Farm.

The life changing moments came in the form of lamb ribs.  An unusual cut but it made B+S see lamb shaped stars and ditch the thought of traditional ribs for the foreseeable future. They were spiced, soft and we wanted more ALSO: £2.50 for two – I know right? Blasmin may drop by after work for another two, or four. She’s already betrothed an afternoon to converting her housemates to the way of Lamb Rib.

South-African-Ken-Doll also provided tasty cocktails in trendy jam jars (£6), South African sponge pudding made from the middles of the loaves from the bunnies, lashings of cinnamon and topped with seasonal fruit. Samp, a South African grain, was also made into a Saharan rice pudding; creamy, delicious, comforting and a touch exotic.

Cocktails form BunnyChow- reviewed on The London Adventurer

BunnyChow not only packs a flavour punch, but it’s street food at street food prices too. Unusual I know. Come hungry, leave unable to move but in full knowledge that if two more ribs were placed in front of you, you’d chow them down. 

Go if you want a treat but can’t afford it- you can afford this and it’s most definitely a treat.

Don’t go if you’re afraid to get your fingers and face messy




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All pictures taken on Samsung Galaxy S5 then instagrammed the fuck out off. Follow me on Instagram at yj53


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