#LondonAdventure – Roof Gardens – Kensington

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It’s been a while since Blasmin and Segrena have hit the tiles, made some shapes and got glammed up in London together. Friday night rolled around and Blasmin and Segrena wanted to put on their glad rags and get lo’. Their bank accounts however, had been getting lo’ all month, so a budget night out was required yet again.

You may be looking at the location of this blog posts and thinking: ‘Oh really?, Cheap? Kensington? Roof Gardens?’ and then scoff into your Mango Frappe/ Soy Latte, but trust me on this one.

After sufficient sprucing and a burning hair incident which shall never again be mentioned, Blasmin and Segrena Ubered to Kensington and ascended to Kensington Heaven in the lifts. The elevator gates to Expat Paradise opened in a flash of neon pink, crystal chandeliers, sharp cut suits and designer ball gowns. We walked, dazed by the finery and flashy labels, through the dance floor to our table. (OUR TABLE!)

The music was actually very good; it had a 90’s Jamiroquai thing going on which fit perfectly with the vibe that night. I enjoyed the beaded topped girl drumming along to the music particularly.

We lounged and chatted with new friends: AsianJoeyFromFriends, Z-Tee-total & Mr Whickam, who luckily saved us from obnoxious and cocky Brap and his Friend StartUp.  the night was a blur or Orange juice and coke mixed together, panda pop cocktails from a watering can and bottles of vodka brought to OUR TABLE (!) every so often.

The actual gardens are beautiful. Stylish and elegant and dotted with just enough heaters to make standing outside actually feasible. Though it could’ve been Arctic and me and Segrana would have stood in the cold up there to escape Brap and StartUp. The Gardens offer a nice green space in built up London which make a change to the squashed and smelly smoker areas of norm.

Canoodling couples and shark bait idled on the benches, lounged in the Moroccan … lounge and FYI there was a BBQ which smelled heavenly.

Go if you have a fancy dress and want to be chatted up by powerful businessmen

Don’t go if you’re a group of lads, lads, lads. You just won’t get in.

To do Roof Gardens on a basement budget, sign up here

 99 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA
020 7368 3993



Also, the French barman was really friendly and had a good sense of humour. He joked there was no gardens which left me and Segrena momentarily very confused.

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All pictures From Website
All pictures From Website

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