#LondonAdventure – Richmond Park – Richmond

The days are getting longer, it is no longer dark when you leave the office at 5.30 (read 7pm), the air is tinged with the faint scent of BBQ and Boot’s have run out of suncream. Yes, it’s true, the rumours are all true, Summer is finally here. Kind of.

London, in the summer, is a hub of activity: pop up beaches, lidos and street food festivals. Sometimes though, you want to get away from the buzz and bask in the rays of limited golden sunshine whilst looking over the skyline of London from afar.

For one of those days, do it like the Queen does and head to Richmond Park.

Hunt Bambi and his cute lil cousins for a selfie, feed the swans Warburton’s Toastie Loaf and plane watch as you lay in the park, surrounded by classic English Countryside with London’s skyline winking just beyond the trees.

Pack a picnic or raid M&S before you get there and even old Lizzy will envy that cheese and onion quiche and mooli rolls selection you nabbed in the reduced to clear section of the fridge.

I liked lying in the grass and dog watching. Mattias liked that we were in Heathrow’s flight path and practicing his gymnastic skills.

We both liked that it was free.

But most of all, it made us all butterfly nervous for the glory that is London in the Summer.

Oh, it was really funny when I pretended to throw Mattias in the lake but not so funny when he laughed at my inability to do a forward roll.

Go – if you have money and city life has worn you down this week

Don’t go if you suffer from hay fever, like hunting deer, hate the great outdoors.

Richmond, Greater London

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