#LondonAdventure -Hakkasan – Hanway Place

Hakkasan has a long dynasty of fame and reputation in London and when me and Segrana, my main skint girl in the city, went to check it out, we saw that the Chinese whispers that preceded Hakkasan- Hanway Place, were completely founded.

Hidden in an alley off Oxford Street, you descend into an Cantonese cave of delights, ready to transport you completely out of London.

Hakkasan exudes the kind of glamour seen in a Hollywood Blockbuster starring Tom Cruise in 1996. Dimly lit, wood panels and a killer bar. Any minute, a drug ring would be uncovered in the back office, the fancy surrounding as a front, an actress with a blow dry and spaghetti strapped dress, would spill her martini and Cruise would save it, mid chop stick to the mouth in a Mission Impossible- esque film scene. Or that’s how it felt anyway…


Though we were in Michelin Starred surroundings, it doesn’t mean that me and Segrana paid Michelin Starred prices. We sampled the best of Hakkasan with their Taster Menu which included a fancy cocktail OF YOUR CHOICE too. The dim sum were amazing and could easily have sufficed. Each one was a pure mouthful of delight. Me and Segrena simply had eye conversations to portray our glee then and crunched through the decadent duck roll too. For mains, Segrena, always one for a classic, be that a dress or a dish, went for the duck and I, for the beef. Each came with a pot of steamed jasmine rice.

This was not your local take away bright orange sweet and sour, This was the food of emperors (empresses on a budget…) 

Top tip:

Learn the Cantonese for Boys and Girls or stand outside the doors of the respective toilets looking confused, desperate and scared.

Go if you want to feel like as shmancy as Keanu Reeves and Katie Holmes whilst eating  Chinese food chic’ed up

Don’t go if… I really can’t think of a reason not to go. 

Taste of Hakkasan menu – £35 including a drink and three courses.

8 Hanway Place, London W1T 1HD

Book here.


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