#LondonAdventure – Recipease by Jamie Oliver – Notting Hill


If you follow this blog on how to do Posh and Fun London on the cheap, then you’ll know a lot of the time it involves getting wined and dined.

This time, me and Matthias paid to wine and dine ourselves. This doesn’t really compute with my Northern Roots, but indeed, we paid to cook ourselves dinner. And what’s more, we enjoyed it.

In chocolate box Notting Hill, Jamie Oliver’s Recipease (great name) Cookery School is neoned up, glass fronted with a touch of artisan provided by rustic dried garlic bulbs, parchment packaging and low slung light bulbs. This is a cookery school come restaurant come cafe come ideal date venue come ideal family activity venue come perfect Tuesday night filler(try sayin’ that all in one breath).

Me and Matthias were here to do the Vietnamese cooking class. I love cooking, but Vietnamese is unexplored territory for me, so we were both excited to literally get our hands stuck in.


Taught by a slightly camp but talented chef, a group of 12 of us, a mix of girls, singles, dates and families, gathered around a teaching kitchen island, pounding lemon grass and rolling rice papers. We were taught to make three dishes by Simon the slightly camp but talented chef, and after exhausting our limbs using a pestle and mortar, we got to all sit communally and enjoy the Vietnamese fruit of our labour.


Delicious! And actually very fun! At £45 a class, it is pricey, especially since you’re essentially cooking yourself dinner. The London Adventurer however, paid £22.50 as it was on offer for Timeout subscribers.Sign up here to keep your eyes peeled for you chance to do the same. Options include Mexican, Indian, bread and sushi! Definitely a recipe for a fun night out.  Will keep my eye out for more; I quite fancy cooking myself a thali and paying to do it too.


Go – if you like to get your hands dirty and instagram your dinner

Don’t go if gourmet to you equates to 2-4-1 chicago town pizzas. (OMGEE SO GOOD THOUGH)

Mind adventures:

The World on Her Plate – Mina Holland – Travel around the world with Mina, The Guardian COOK editor. Scrumptious recipes that serve as a passport around the world. Buy now

The House of Hidden Mothers – Meera Syal – Mother India, Surrogate mothers, love as a middle aged India mother and just the mothering business in general. Riveting and unusual read. Buy now.

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