#LondonAdventure Bowery And Fourth – Clothing Line Launch

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel


Men have it easy when it comes to dressing for work.  They don’t have to tread that fine line of Office Slut/Office Frump/Ugly Betty whilst still killing it at their job. They can walk into work everyday wearing a Next suit with a different tie, or the same tie, still look hot and bang out a great presentation.

Women’s work wear, on a budget, can be a challenge. When work drinks are your entire social life, you don’t want to flash your bra in a sheer shirt at your stakeholder’s meeting and don’t want to wear heels all day for work cos you live in Zone 5 and work in Zone 1, it can be tricky to work out what to wear. You want to look good for Tequila Thursdays after work, but you want to be taken seriously. Luckily for the working woman who wants to Lean In and be noticed in and out of the board room, Bowery & Fourth have brought forward fashion for the office to the top of the agenda.

Well cut shirts that won’t wrinkle in the wash, classy colours and the right amount of feminist whimsy and a daring touch of lace, the innovative line is the brainchild of two working twentysomethings and their own frustrations at what to wear for work. Smart silhouettes in luxurious colours, lace detailing, and sharp creases are top of that to do list. Promote your wardrobe and get on with the rest of your working day.

I bagged a gorgeous lace body to be worn with sheer shirts from the launch afternoon tea. Delicate, ladylike, but makes an impression and looks good whilst doing it.

Coming to stores near you soon, but order online for now.



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