#LondonAdventure – Mahiki – Mayfair

You know back in the 90’s when supermodels were everywhere and people wore cargo pants and noone wore a bra, etc? Well, I think that’s when the real glamour of night clubs hit its peak.

Mahiki in Mayfair, home to the glamorous party goer, A list reveller and scantily-clad socialite, has been on London’s hottest places to go since then. So when my housemate, SilverBetterThanGold, suggested we go, I was a little more than suspecting we’d get turned away at the door.

After some Tripadvisoring (which worryingly brought up a racist door policy Mahiki have a rep for, more than once), fierce picture surfing and semi-pro googling, I came across the sneak-in-the-back-door way which can have you partying with the likes of The Script (not the main one, some of the others I don’t know the names of either) for less than you think.

Luckily, the racism was unfounded and we saw many a chocolate hued beauty gettin’ down low’ in the club.

The main bar was decked out like a tiki style, the staff all Hawained up and there was even a really sweaty bar downstairs which played the ‘dirty RnB’.  There were a lot of suits, swilling whisky in novelty tankards, eyeing up the highlighted blondes but the over -enthusiastic Sikh man throwing some incredible shapes and mix of uni students made up for the rah-rah types, making me not feel toooo outta place.

Drinks will set you back about £15+ a pop, but are strong and tasty and if you use my sneaky-in-the-back-door-way, you can omit that pesky entrance fee cost too.

To get on the guest-list and keep a crisp (crumpled, your last one, it’s got to cover the food shop and at least a sorry-for-yourself-taxi-home-because-i-do-not-want-to-get-the-nightbus fare too (possibly some Chicken Cottage as well if it’ll stretch) £20 in your pocket, email lux@luxguestlist.com

Go if you want to pretend your Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell SITC types, sipping cocktails and giving all the boys the eye.

Don’t go if you if you can’t scrub up, will get offended by the snooty staff and don’t fancy spending most of your night with that guy from The Script.

P.s me and SilverBetterThanGold didn’t wear bras. cos 90’s

Mahiki : 1 Dover Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4LD : 0207493 9529 : @Mahiki


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