#LondonAdventure – Sea Containers – South Bank

South Bank is one of my favourite places in London. I think it may have something to do with the fact I almost always seem to catch it when it’s bathed in golden rays, The Thames sparkling and the dome of St Paul’s looking especially pretty. Maybe.

Though it offers great views over London’s iconic skyline it can be slim pickings if you want to have to eat at something that’s not a chain (though Mcdonald/KFC and similar seem to be more well hidden on SB)

The biggies on Southbank are OXO Tower (yet to go still) and Sea Containers of the Mondrian Hotel. 

Swank, tinted windows, condiment bottles displays and oddly dressed-in-dressing-gown-style-dresses-waiting-staff, this restaurant delivers on views, fancy smancy food where they turn vegetables in to ice-cream and their crockery is beautiful.

The a la carte menu is quite expensive as expected from a premium restaurant, but £4 for a basket of mediocre, and slightly stale breads san butter really means what you’re paying for is the privilege of eating whilst looking at joggers obscuring your view of St Paul’s

I met fellow foodie, Tash, who let’s off steam from full time city work and part time accountancy study by munching around London, and took advantage of the Open Table, and therefore, cheaper, menu of 3 courses and a cocktail for a mere £25.

The cocktail was suitably pretty, the eggplant was delicious and the lamb meatballs exotically spiced.  For mains, the creamy farro was satisfying and full of juicy mushrooms. The salmon was dry. Desserts were standout. Apple pie with cider ice-cream was a winter pud with a summer’s kiss and the beetroot and pear ice-cream sundae with greek yoghurt and soaked raisins was an absolute spoon whisperer. I swear,I kept telling myself one last spoon, but that didn’t happen until i was scraping the bowl as politely as possible.

The service was a 6/10 but I let them off because it was a sunny day and The Thames kept winking at me when the sun was going down.

Go if you like dinner with a view 

Don’t go if you like to fill up on bread mindlessly whilst catching up with someone you’ve been meaning to meet up with for ages and therefore won’t know what to do with your hands whilst you wait for your starters to arrive.

Sea Containers

Mondrian London

20 Upper Ground, London

020 3747 1000

IMG_20150513_230403 IMG_20150513_230550 IMG_20150513_230741


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