#LondonAdventure Brasserie Zedel – Piccadilly Circus

All pictures - Zedel
All pictures – Zedel

Around Piccadilly, possibly the consumer capital of the capital, with it’s emblazoned digital build boards suddenly giving you a hankering for an ice cold Coke and a Mcdonalds, it’s easy to eat at the rehashed chains you find in Stoke and Rochdale and Brummy suburbs (Pizza Hut, KFC, Starbucks) since they’re everywhere and you’re too scared to go wandering into the exciting looking tapas bar in case it will leave you needing to take out another loan!

Not that I don’t have time for the Pizza Hut buffet for £8.99 or however much it is nowadays, esp their unlimited salad bowls, but when you’re in the heart of one of the most iconic cities in the world, it’d be nice to dine in style too.

For a much needed catch up with by Brown and Beautiful friend, one of the first I made in London (friends, not browns), we settled on Brasserie Zedel, a super cool art deco bar and restaurant, dripping in posters, chandelier crystal, gilt and mirror. It looked spectacular and grand and all the waiters flew around the ball room- esque dining hall with the grace of ballet dancers.

I could tell me and Brown and Beautiful would make fools of ourselves here, for sure.

Now, you may think just how The London Adventurer’s pocket could stretch to such finery?  Of course, it was done cheaply, by no means was it measly though.  Their set menu, under £13 for three courses, which included carrot rapee, a classic French salad, steak hache and a choice of dessert, present excellent value for money. The mackerel dish was so French and fancy it hurt and there were frog legs and snails if your inner Parisian wanted to flaunt itself in full flow too.  

Though we may be in a quite a oo-er venue, that didn’t stop me and B&B from spilling the goss on boys, jobs and other girly anecdotes. All accompanied by sinfully good bread and real salted butter. 

Go if you like to feel like your a princess though you’re probably wearing Primark and you appreciate things such as real butter 

Don’t go if you’re a fussy eater, vegetarian or are easily intimidated by grandeur.

Book here now.

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