#LondonAdventure Sony Photography Exhibition- Somerset House

Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition

Today, anyone is a photographer.

A click of your phone button, swapping filters on Instagram and a bit of manipulation on Photoshop and suddenly everyone feels like Ansel Adams, but just cos you’re not a pro, doesn’t mean you can’t manage to capture some sliver of beauty that managed to escape the blinks of so many other eyes, but managed to open you’re own. In fact, sometimes, that’s the key to getting the picture nobody else could capture.

This is what the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition celebrates.  With a record-breaking 183,737 entries from 171 countries, and multiple categories, this stunning display of snapshots from around the world from the experienced to the novice eye is displayed for us all to enjoy.

I’m guilty of loving Instagram, especially uploading pictures of my food, but this may have sparked off a little bit of a more serious interest. I’ve always loved photography and it’s spurred me to look out for more photography exhibitions in the future.

I took Mattias with me in hope it would reignite his passion for photography cos he got a little boring lately and became addicted to Theme Hospital ( don’t even ask…)

I came to regret it though, I kept having to stop every two minutes because Mattias was finding beauty worthy of being snapped up again around every corner.

All set against the backdrop of the gorgeous Somerset House, where you could take a million photos of this slice of tranquility, right on Covent Garden’s doorstep, for only £8.00 a ticket and still take a million more. A picture perfect afternoon out.

Running until 10th May 2015.

Buy tickets here

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