#LondonAdventure – Bone Daddies – Soho

Ramen at Bone DaddiesSo my super-cool sister came down to visit me this week and let me tell you, this girl is gonna be a huge. Not fat- and this girl can put away her food, she drinks an illegal amount of hot chocolate and I mean, she has a snack draw in her bedroom, you know, JIC… But she’s gonna be a big deal. She smart, sassy and drop dead and the pressure was on to find somewhere that would feed her appetite, be the appropriate level of trendy to make me look like the cool, older sister and not break my bank (my bank account is basically disabled, so it’s getting increasingly more challenging to budget adventure.)

Enter Bone Daddies.

A ramen restaurant selling hot bowls of noodley deliciousness for a tenner. creamy egg, incredible broth and enough things for my sister to Instagram to keep her happy.

Starters a bit pricey, love the flappy curtains everywhere, very authentic and also love that you can see into the kitchen when you nip downstairs for the loo. Nice touch was the hair bands in a little pot for all us Rapunzels to not get our manes in our bowls of soup. GENIUS.

Go if you like Supernoodles- it’s like they took drugs.

Don’t go if you’re on a date with someone really uppity cos you will get noodle water everywhere and she will judge- but then she sounds boring so just don’t date her…

Ramen £9-12 for a portion even my little sister couldn’t finish.

No bookings and God was smiling on us, because when we arrived, there were no queues either.

 31 Peter Street, London W1F 0AR
My super-cool kinda of a big deal sister eating ramen
My super-cool kinda of a big deal sister eating ramen

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