#LondonAdventure – The Cinnamon Club – Westminster

Billed as one of the only places to eat Indian food in London, set in an old Westminster Library, service that makes you feel like the Raj himself and omg those black lentils…

The_Cinnamon_Club Restaurant

The likes of The Cinnamon Club is hardly in The London Adventurer’s budget with it’s celebrity chef, Vivek Singh, wooden panelled dining room and known to be a haunt of journos, politicos and celebs too, but where there’s a will, there’s a way and me and Mattias, very much feeling like imposters despite wearing our tailored coats, (His: Zara, Mine: charity shop steal), sat down safe in the knowledge that we were eating at a top end restaurant for a not so big price. How? Read on:

Everything we ate was seriously top notch, tip top and spiffing! First, we were treated to pani puri– a tang of tamarind, a crunch of semolina and creamy potato in a bite. The tandoori chicken was melt in the mouth and certainly not garish red. The bollywood-fied Shepherd’s pie was full of indian spiced mince and topped by globes of golden potato but the stand out by far was the side order of black lentils; creamy, buttery and a sauce that would have you licking your fingers.  All too soon, we were looking at the bottom of that dish, wishing there was more. The desserts were disappointing and not a hint of the East about them- though still good.

A la carte, this restaurant would have you crying like you just ate a tonne of chilli, thrifty London Adventurer methods however mean we bagged a set menu deal for under thirty quid for three courses and a cocktail.

Tandoori Chicken at The Cinnamon Club
Tandoori Chicken at The Cinnamon Club
Shepherd's Pie fit for a Raj
Shepherd’s Pie fit for a Raj
Coffee and Chocolate Tart
Coffee and Chocolate Tart

Go if you think currys are not sophisticated.

Don’t go if you can be intimidated by fancy pancy restaurants cos this was quite posh.

P.s I tracked down the black lentil recipe and so will be DIY’ing Cinnamon Club- keep tuned for results

The Old Westminster Library, 30-32 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BU
Book here

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