#LondonAdventure – Wheeler’s Oyster and Rib Restaurant- Marco Pierre White

‘He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.’


Those were the words of John Swift, and you know what, he wasn’t half right?!

A lot of things that are posh, especially culinary wise, have a touch of ‘ew’ about them, don’t you think? (caviar, mussels, fois gras, etc) and oysters are top of the list of things both ew and posh.

So, when Blasmin and Segrena embarked on a Monday night dinner jaunt to Wheeler’s Oyster and Ribs bar in The City, just opened this March 2015, it was with a little more than an ounce of trepidation that I walked into the mirrored dining room, pulled out a leather chair and listened to Segrena tell me that it ‘wasn’t that bad, honest!’ with an equally worried look on her face.

The waiter came and Segrena confidently ordered half a dozen oysters, ‘native of course’. They arrived, on a bed of ice, alternated with wedges of lemon and a dish of shalloty heaven in the middle. 

I spooned, I squeezed and …. I swallowed.  It was delicious.  Like a kiss from the sea. Salty, fresh, not fishy as you might expect – it was a delight- and not as expensive as you may think.

The  main was well cooked, but not standout- though the fish was cooked to perfection but Oh My Oyster, the Eton Mess was top notch. 

Sea bream at Wheelers EtonMessAtWheelers

Go if you’ve never had oysters or like oysters

Don’t go I you have a big booming voice cos the dining room is super quiet. 

P.s- the toilets are quite nice too. 

P.s. P.s Marco Pierre was quite the looker, ey?

P.s P.s P.s Someone should really update/take down the old website- Blasmin and Segrena took a detour to Carlton’s Gentlemen Club  in our oyster pursuit!

Book now: www.mpwrestaurants.co.uk 020 7657 8088 info@mpwbank.com EC2R 8AY


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