Rookwood Bar & Cue Steakhouse – Liverpool

Looks like Liverpool likes a good big dose of the USA as the next restaurant on the books was Rookwood Steakhouse.

I wish I’d been hungrier coming to this old fine establishment as watching the stacked high burgers, triple beef dripping chips and deep-fried delights circulating the restaurant whilst I ate the healthiest and smallest sounding meal on the menu because the thought of food was making me a little queasy to be honest was still jealous was hard.

Liverpudlian beauty, Sharon’s steak was cooked to perfection,  my sweet potato wedges were top-notch though in a restaurant where I wouldn’t have thought there wouldn’t be an issue with portion, they would’ve been a little more generous with the pesto sauce that was meant to accompany the pan-fried haddock.

We got charmed into dessert by the very persuasive but not  pushy staff and chatted with the owner who told us how all his staff are required to visit slaughterhouses before working here so they understand the real impact and quality of the food they serve to hungry Liverpudlians.

Am I gonna be back?  Yeee hah bet your bottom dollar I will be!

rest 1Rookwood Burgerbar 1

14 Back Colquitt St. Liverpool, L1 4DE
0151 709 0999

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