Berry and Rye – Liverpool

Go:  If you want to escape Concert Square and love all things Gatsby

To think London is the centre, the hub and the only of cool going ons in the world, is something I think most Londoners will be guilty of thinking,  but a few nights in the North was enough to remind this Northern girl of the charms of the cooler regions of this green and pleasant land.

Berry and Rye in Liverpool was one of the places that seduced me back to my roots. Low hanging, exposed light bulbs,  sewing machine desks come tables and menus encased mid hardback classics, this speakeasy bar was the tonic to the overcrowded, overpriced,  over gimmicky speakeasy bars rampant in London.

With the right amount of rough and ready and twinkly chandelier style,  the knock-to-enter bar is a must visit if you don’t want to spend the night listening to the top forty and fancy a drink that isn’t 98% sugar syrup and certainly won’t be containing cocktail umbrellas.

Good quality cocktails, all approx <9

I don’t know whether to reveal the address in case this hidden gem becomes over run with people knocking on the unmarked door in hope of getting into one of the most exclusive places in Liverpool.

Here goes:

48 Berry Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 4JQ
Obviously a place like this needs no website.
If and when you know, you know.


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