Matou Restaurant – Liverpool.

Matou- Liverpool- Starters- As reviewed on The London Adventurer

The sun is setting on the Albert Docks, and the facades of the grand buildings shimmer mirrored in the reflection of The Museum of Liverpool building. Facing out onto the Mersey River, the three of us settled into a leisurely business dinner absolutely ravenous.

It’s a good job we came hungry, the set menu (option B) is huge, with a great choice, every dish packed a punch and the view sweetened the deal.

The starters included king prawns in a crunchy batter, succulent chicken wrapped in basil leaves, lamb skewers (which actually we’re really overdone and chewy) and salt and pepper ribs. Next came crispy duck pancakes which were a work of art, then a plethora of Pan Asian plates greeted our ever-tightening waistbands, not that that stopped us.  Chicken in a coconutty sauce, the beef was melt-in-the-mouth black beef deliciousness, the sea bass fragrant with lemon grass and the broccolini, crunchy, vibrant green and drenched in a scrumptious sauce. Note, this was all accompanied by perfect grained fried rice.


Whilst the food and drink selection was great, I did find the service, particularly on alcohol, very pushy.  I wasn’t overly keen on the Cadbury purple waistcoats either…I kept catching them in my peripheral vision like giant The Purple Ones wandering around serving food.

Set menu B – £29.

Views – priceless

Book here

Phone: 0151 236 2928

Matou Pan Asian Resturant, 2nd Floor,

Mersey Ferry Terminal Building,

Georges Parade, Pier Head, Liverpool

L3 1BY


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