Stone Island – Overijse – Belgium

A MEAT-ing of Stomachs.

After the carb-o-cide that had been occurring in Brussels via Gaufre Chaude, Wan Dalker wanted MEAT to be the main ingredient for his Birthday Dinner.

We made our way to Stone Island– ominous sounding, I know. and Mr Elliot practically weeped at the thought of food fuelled salvation after all that frolicking in the woods; we were all quite hungry.

I’m not going to big up this restaurant and say the service was incredible (we’re in Belgium, so of course it just wasn’t) but the food was good and there was a lot of it. The meat was of very good quality, the drinks quite reasonably priced and the frites, delightful-obviously.

For 25 euros each, we each received a platter of meat/fish/mixed and a slab of hot stone to cook our meat on and lots of chips- the homemade, thin and crispy type, and a selection of different mayonnaises (because, Belgium).

Though we were paying to practically cook our own dinner, the food was amazing.  Juicy cuts, rings of fresh vegetables and a classic European salad.

Highly recommended, you will leave full.

For more restaurant recommendations, check out Brussels Kitchen for where to eat in the city

Stone Island: Brusselsesteenweg 693 I 3090 Overijse (Jezus – Eik)
Phone: 02.657.28.74



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