Overijse, Belgium

A Day in the Woods
Living and breathing the city can get a bit much and every so often, it’s nice to have a breath of fresh air not tarred with… tar and sweaty commuters and last night’s chicken shop strewn over the pavements.
After a lot of stale air on the MegaBus to Belgium for Wan Dalker’s birthday, Britney and Brianna accompanied by swoon-worthy substitute teacher Mr Elliot, took to the woods for the day in Wan’s home town, Overijse and, it was just right.
Fresh air, the boys picking up branches and jumping off stumps and way too many cute dogs.
The surroundings were stunning with towering trees just beginning to re-blossom, the floor carpeted in orange and the smell of damp earth filling our lungs.
I’m a city girl, yes, but it’s nice to leave the city, cross the road and not risk your life, shop at full sized supermarkets of suburbia and be quietly happy that your Primark steal of a skirt perfectly matches the countryside in Overijse..
If you’re in Brussels and want to escape the clean pavements, cobbled streets and smell of gaufre chaud for a few hours and get lost in the woods, it’s pretty easy to get there for a total of seven euros return.
Wan Dalker and a dog in the woods
Wan Dalker and a dog in the woods
Into the Woods in Overijse
Britney and Brianna, out of the city

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