Brussels, Belgium – Gaufres Chaude (Hot Waffles)

There are a lot of things Belgium is known for, but for me, the waffles hands down beat the chocolate.

Hot waffles < Hot chocolate.

Forget fancy pancake houses, art deco restaurants which adorn the humble waffle with strawberries, heinous whipped cream and Nutella, though it pains me to forsake the chocolate liquid mannah from hazelnut heaven, and instead ask for your waffle, naturel.

Naked, plain, naturel aside from crispy crunches of caramel crisped up on the edges.


Buy for two euros or less from gaufres vans dotted around the city. You can usually sniff them out like I did for our farewell waffles before our uber glamourous Megabus ride home.  The smell of warming waffles weaves through the cobbled streets and draws you in, two euros proffered already, like the pied piper of Hamelin himself.

Enjoying a hot waffle

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