Maple Macchiato – Starbucks

I wish I was coffee snob, because you’re meant to be, and I wish I cared that Starbucks dodged tax etc, but at the end of the day, Costa Coffee costa more than I want to spend, Cafe Nero’s coffee, though good, comes in miniature and I just want a cup with my name spelled wrong scribbled onto it by a disgruntled individual okaaaayyy?

I like sampling Starbucks new creations because 1. they don’t cost the world and 2. it’s fun!

Previous successes have been their Christmas Almond Hot Chocolate, but I’m yet to try their infamous Pumpkin Spice.

At the moment, they have a maple macchiato on offer.  I love maple syrup! I love it i savoury and sweet and tonned on top of my porridge even though it’s tres bad for me. So, maple in milk is a no brainer (a shot of coffee too I suppose in their somewhere)

Starbuck’s Maple Macchiato was hot, sweet, just the right amount of creamy and I will certainly be back for more.

Also, their new wireless recharging rings!?

Image: From the Starbuck Blog
Image: From the Starbuck Blog

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