Sadaf – The Curry Mile – Manchester.

After a very hectic Friday afternoon involving trains and some very unhelpful people at the counters of Euston National Rail, I eventually arrived at Manchester, Piccadilly absolutely starving at almost 9PM sans dinner in my rumbling belly.

After hellos, we got on to the more important business of what we would be eatingfor dinner and after debating Chinese (which is really what we all fancied) we headed over to the Curry Mile, famous in Manchester and beyond, cos it was closer and we didn’t really want to leave the car.
We’ve frequented many of the Indian grill restaurants on the famous strip, but today, sadly, it is a mixture of Fried Chicken shops, ice cream parlours (though the institute, Moonlight is to die for!) and sheesha cafes.
Once a go to destination for Indian food, today, you can find a lot more Middle Eastern fare there, reflecting the changes in diversity of the city.
My Iranian cousin had recommended a Persian Grill restaurant there about 2/3 of the way down the Curry Mile called Sadaf.
It doesn’t look that great from the outside, think fluorescent tube lighting, a stand alone sink in the corner to wash your hands, glass fronted cabinets displaying skewered meats and plastic lined booths, but it smelled delicious and there was a steady stream customers popping in and out.
The menu was small, a sign of a good restaurant (you’d hope) and not inexperience and we ended up going for the full ‘Afham’ chicken which was grilled after being marinated in Persian spices and marinated lamb chops cooked in a clay oven with fragrant rice.
The chicken was charred but juicy and we devoured it, while the chops were tasty, not chewy at all and gone too fast! The portion size was huge and prices, very reasonable.
Highly recommend this Persian restaurant, though it’s more a go when you’re hungry and want to be satisfied, rather than a sit down and be civilised meal sort of place.
Lamb Chops from Sadaf on the Curry Mile, Manchester
Lamb Chops from Sadaf on the Curry Mile, Manchester

Main course: £4-8

Sadaf Takeaway Halal Restaurant
0161 257 3557

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