#LondonAdventure La Mancha, Chiswick

I don’t often got to tapas restaurants even though I really like Spanish food and flavours. Lots of garlic, paprika, saffron, lemon and incredible seafood, it’s delicious and see myself as quite a dab hand at making paella nowadays. BUT one thing I don’t like about Spanish food is the whole sharing plates concept. This is the opposite to the first world problem, food envy, because here, you order exactly what you want and are rather smug when you realise you chose better than whoever you decided to come out with, and THEN, you realise you have to share your king garlic prawns whilst their choice of some potato concoction leave you more than uninspired. Not only do you have to share, but you sit there tight-lipped whilst your dinner date chomps mercilessly through 2.5/3 of your choice whilst the potato, mayo and herb disaster lays forgotten on the other side of the table. Eurgh. This ring a bell with anyone?

Anyway, after my recent jaunt to see my brother in Spain, I have slowly been coming around to the idea of tapas. Today’s food adventure was La Mancha- Chiswick

what's wrong with tapas...
what’s wrong with tapas…

It was a Friday night and the bar and cosy restaurant filled up quickly with couples, actual Spanish people, which must say something for the cuisine, and older groups of friends too. The atmosphere was warm, welcoming and the smells from the kitchen were pretty special.  My dinner date was late and so I stood, slowly getting hungrier and lusting after the dishes that passed by me whilst I salivated and resisted checking my watch for the millionth time.

When Matthew eventually arrived, we managed to get a table and our lovely waiter recommended we get 4/5 things to share between us.  Everything was delicious and we struggled to finish it all even though we really wanted to.  La Mancha were not lying when they claimed their portion sizes were big!


The Spanish omelette was probably my favourite but the croquettas were good too but they could have had a bit more filling rather than mostly potato. The patatas braves was rather disappointing as I expected the sauce to be more flavourful. The prawns in garlic sauce weren’t my favourite, but to their credit, they were cooked to perfection. Image: Tapas For dessert, we opted for the churros.  They were  terrible! Greasy, tasteless and way too heavy.  We wished we’d gone for the Creme Catalan or Almond Cake.  Perhaps next time!

Churros and hot chocolate at La Mancha, Chiswick
Churros and hot chocolate at La Mancha, Chiswick

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