#ONTHEBOOKSHELF – Skinny Me – Charlene Carr

Skinny Me – Charlene Carr

Skinny Me - Reviewed by Yasmin Jaunbocus

On the bookshelf today is Skinny Me.

Anyone that knows the real me, know’s my life is a struggle between being in love with chocolate digestives, bread, real butter, thai food, Indian food, food food… you get the picture, and being skinny cos clothes. Believe me, the struggle is real! If you can relate to the feeling of Kit Kats begging to be eaten in a really cute chocolatey voice emanating from the cupboard, then reading Skinny Me should be next on your novel menu.


Jenny is fat. Real fat. Her mother has just died from a massive heart attack because she’s too fat. She’s in love with her cousin’s boyfriend who is not fat and doesn’t understand how her best friend can be happy even though she’s fat.

Jenny loves food so much, but she doesn’t love anything as much as she hates herself.

Carr manages to write convincingly about the hardship, challenges and milestones you face when all you want to do is look in the mirror and like what you see reflecting. She captures the fear and obsessiveness perfectly and even more skilfully, manages to show that though Jenny maybe getting thinner, her personality gets so much uglier.

Don’t know who this George guy is, but he probably drowned in Nutella. A likely cause of death for me I reckon.

This is not just a book about weight loss, about losing those who are close to you and having a shock that makes you realise you need to change your life, but a book about how something you think is so important to you, actually is dwarfed by the real things in life. And one of those real things in life is having a slice of birthday cake, or scoop of ice cream at the beach.

you’ll love this book if you obsessively diet, use to be a fatty, like a good old fashioned love triangle or can recite how many calories are in a cup of spinach.

(7kcal- FYI)


An easy read you’ll immerse yourself in and lick your fingers with satisfaction when you’re done.  It’s really quite short too.  Like the satisfaction you get from a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Skinny Me– Charlene Carr (Create Space Publishing).  Buy here now


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