#LondonAdventure Reun Thai- Hammersmith

You know what is really hard in London?  Making plans.

Actually, I lie.

You know what’s hard in London? Sticking to plans.

In a city where you really have to make plans weeks in advance, it can be an age till you meet with that mate from uni  who’s just moved to London.  So long that eventually, that friend who’s just moved to London has actually been here upwards of a year!

So, I finally met such friend.  A fellow Mauritian, Shabanaz and I met at Lancaster University where we both studied. As I live in Hammersmith and she works there too, we settled on a local restaurant on the ever grid-locked Fulham Palace Road and opted for Thai.

There’s a few Thai restaurants on Fulham Palace Road but I’m glad we went with Reun Thai because their fare was exceptional- and very reasonable on the pre-pay day pocket too.

Me and Shabbanaz we’re trying to be healthy (an ongoing battle) and opted for salad.  with meat… We tried!  I had the Som Tum papaya salad with added king prawns and Shabz had the thai beef salad, which, by the way, was mostly beef. It was delicious!  Me and Shabz we’re a bit chicken so opted for our spice to be turned down which the staff were happy to do.

9 21

My salad was crunchy, seasoned well and the prawns were cooked to perfection, whilst Shabz’s salad looked like a lot of beef tossed with sesame seeds and stir fried veg.

We spent most of the night lamenting the size of London, talking about meeting the cast of Made in Chelsea on King’s Road and drooling over traditional Mauritian food! Maybe my next food adventure, we’ll venture out to Tooting to try the famous island cuisine cafe there. God, what i’d do for a dhollpurri from Dewa in Rosehill, Mauritius…

if you fancy Thai in Hammersmith, I highly recommend, Reun Thai.  We didn’t make a reservation, but next time I definitely will since it was packed from half 6 to the hilt!  I’m surprised we got a table, but after sampling their Thai tastiness, I see why it was full.

Reun Thai


telephone: 0208 748 4881

email: info@reunthai.com

100 Fulham Palace Rd, Hammersmith, W6 9PL


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