#LiveBelowTheLine Day 5- Total Spend = £0.55p Help Billy have a souper day…

You know what’s hard to do whilst you’re living on a pound a day? Exercise. Work.  Function.

I’ve been suffering from headaches and feeling weak a lot. Mostly cos all I want to do is eat a slap up meal. It’s any wonder how children are supposed to function in classrooms and learn things like long division or about the suffragette movement. Office work isn’t the best either for trying to stick to budget. There’s the temptation of a snack run every few hours (read minutes) and a lone cuppa whilst everyone else is munching on Viennese Swirl seems a little pitiful. It certainly doesn’t make the spreadsheets go any faster!

So, breakfast today was an uneventful affair, surprise surprise. Just a gala apple at (79/6=) 13p. Marginally cheaper than a banana, but them a banana is probably better cos it’s way more full of energy.

Lunch and dinner was repetitive…

So a great tip for this being on a budget it to raid any reduced to clear aisle at Supermarkets. Often, sell by dates are nonsensical and you can end up with some reeeet tasty bargains for lots of delicious and healthy meals.

Today’s bargain was Tesco’s own prepared Carrot and Coriander soup at the grand total of £0.22p! This was halved and had for my lunch and dinner.

It got to about 10, and I was so, so hungry. You know what would’ve gone well with that soup? A flakey cheese twist from the artisan bakery section of Sainsbury’s. But then, I would’ve just blown my whole budget….

Donate so less people have to eat reduced soup without crumbly, cheesy deliciousness? Please?

On a more serious note though, at least I have the luxury of that soup. So many people go days without the option of a reduced to clear aisle where they can gobble eclairs for 0.12p or buy a bag of slightly bruised bananas for £0.30p. Donate just £1 a day and feed a child in Africa, a homeless woman in Europe or even 7 year old Billy down the road who’s mum’s benefits doesn’t quite stretch for bread to go with his soup.

Reduced to clear
Reduced to clear

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