#LiveBelowTheLine Day 4 – Total Spend £0.88p

It’s day 4 and I’m thankful the challenge is almost over.
I’m dying for some chicken! But chicken is way outta my budget.
Watching Silvia, my housemate, eat marinated chicken thighs she’s homemade is close to torture!  But a chicken thigh will cost me more than 60% of my daily allotted budget and no way do I want value chicken nuggets full of eyeballs etc., I’d rather go hungry!
Luckily, I have the remaining reduced to clear mackerel fillet from the other day, so dinner is mackerel, another portion controlled handful of spinach and some shredded Chinese lettuce.
Not the world’s most exciting tea, especially compared to my housemates.
Angharad had halluomi and chorizo with couscous So fancy! And it smelled incredible.
On average, chorizo, in sausage form, can cost upwards of £2.60 (correct price in Tesco as of date of writing this) and halloumi costs a hell of a lot more than value cheese singles… God, I’d kill for some of that squeaky deliciousness!
It’s so hard to be healthy on a budget.
If I wanted to be full, I could buy a packet of Oreos from Tesco, currently on special offer for 59p.  That works out at less than 4p a biscuit. Orrrr, I could buy a bag of McCain’s Smiley Faces, or 16 Richmond ‘pork’ sausages.  But I want my food to nourish me, fuel me and not only come in fifty shades of beige.  That’s a hard ask of £1.
Help children have smiley faces, and eat smiley faces accompanied by peas or baby corn, or bright red peppers! They deserve the rainbow on their plates.  Many school children suffer from malnutrition right here in the UK. Check out this article by the Independent here.  Donating to Live Below the Line and Concern UK can help more children eat more colours.
Anyone else really fancy some Smiley Faces now?
Please give what you can by donating on my page here.

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