#LiveBelowTheLine Day 3 – Total Spend £0.93p

By day three, the toll is starting to take.

I’m tired, cranky and god, so, so hungry!

Breakfast starts the usual way with a slice of rye and Nutella at 0.22p.

This goes way too quickly, and leaves me dreaming of eggs and pancakes and other breakfasty delights I never partake in. In fact, in general I’m not a big breakfaster, but knowing I can’t really have any kinda just makes me want to eat brunch sized portions now. That, and I’m starving!

Lunch consists of a banana, 0.18p from Tesco.

That’s actually quite a lot for a single banana. This week has made me evaluate value a lot.

If I buy a 5 pack from Iceland, for example, I could get 5 for 69p which makes the cost of a single banana = 69/5= 13.8p. That’d be a saving of nearly 5p. And if you look after the pounds as they say…

Dinner was frugal again but so, so tasty!

I had a grilled aubergine salad which I have artily presented for your pleasure!

This is tres good value for money on the pound a day front and even feels a little gourmet!

Cost breakdown:
Half an aubergine= 15p
Handful of spinach= 10p
3 cherry tomatoes= 15p
1/4 red chilli= 5p
Coriander = 6p
Garlic clove = 2p

All I did for this was grill the aubergine, assemble a salad and for the chutney, blitz the coriander, garlic and a spot of salt and pepper.

Today’s total was 0.93p. Cutting it close!

Feeling my hunger pangs?  Just think of those who have to go through this everyday!  Please help and give whatever you can on my Live Below the Line page by clicking here.

Keep tuned to see if I keel over!

Grilled Aubergine Salad
Grilled Aubergine Salad

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