#BelowTheLine Live on £1 a day challenge.

Too many of us spend money like it’s coming out of our ears, then complain about how skint we are, how much we’d love to go on holiday, buy a house, etc, etc, but just can’t understand where all the money has gone!  I’ll give you a clue, 3PM snack run when sugar levels slump in the office, ASOS email campaigns with 70% off and just one more drink… but it’s so easy just to spend and thoughtlessly spend.

I mean, the whole premise of this blog is how to make the most of London on a very small budget, and let me tell you that’s easier said than done! (she says opening her Urban Outfitters package; she’s a sucker for a well timed email campaign too I suppose, and It was ALL ON SALE OKAY?!)

For many people however, £1 a day is the limits they have to stick to because they simply have no option of dipping into their overdraft,don’t have a roof over their heads or will skip meals so that their children can eat. That reality is true not just in Africa or the slums of India, but right here in the UK too.

So, this week, all my meals will cost me a £1 or less each day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ll document each day, how hard it is to be a functioning adult can be and how we can easily save a few pounds a day to donate to someone less fortunate that you.  It might even help you save up for that holiday you’ve been dying to go on!

I’ve got a modest target of £50 to raise for Concern Worldwide and would be extra grateful for donations to this worthy cause. Donate, follow and get involved yourself!

Please give generously, or as much as you can to my page here: http://bit.ly/1gt000k

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