#OntheBookshelf If We Live Here- Lindsey J Palmer

She sleeps at his, he sleeps at hers, they spend half their lives on the subway dragging half their lives to each other’s houses to spend the night until no- more. It’s time to move in together.  All their friends are getting married, their friends are hugely successful and rich and beautiful and they’re kinda just trying to keep up really.

Emma and Nick have done that thing for a while.

For anyone who seems to think that everyone’s life but their own is moving forward, this might be a depressing but insightful and honest read. Emma and Nick decide to bite the bullet and finally move in together, but it’s not all smooth sailing into a fabulous apartment with wedding cake ceilings, a walk in wardrobe and a potential nursery as a spare room. Think bed bugs, a nightmare landlord and then, to top it all off, floods!

Injected with a big dose of Jewishness, this New York novel about growing up when you’re considered to be grown up already is bitingly honest, a real look at modern relationships and the differences in romantic gestures and real gestures of love.

Moving in might be a fairytale ending for lots of couples, especially paired with a white wedding and baby to come soon, but sometimes, just curling up in your apartment with the person who on the whole gets you, is better than all that anyway. Sometimes.

A chick lit read that isn’t sickly sweet, but like a stiff drink with your best friend instead. Strong, honest and has a kick about it.

4 stars.

If we lived here

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