#LondonAdventure The 193 steps -Covent Garden


It’s a Saturday in central London, also known more popularly as one of the inner circles of hell and after admiring London from the dizzy heights of Heron Tower, we headed towards Covent Garden.

View from Sushisamba

The queue for the lifts was of course preposterous, and for some reason, Gracey, Irish Shauna and Mattias thought it’d be a plan to climb the 193 steps to street level.

That’s a climb up. Up. UP!

Covent Garden Warning
We did not heed the warning…

The spiral staircase taunts you every flight with the number of steps remaining and whilst a spritely Matthew sprung ahead looking back at us smugly, and Irish shauna was still in awe of everything London, me and Grace huffed up whilst are calfs cried real tears.

We emerged, sheens of victorious perspiration into the cool london air, Tuk tuks stopped to admire our bravery and perseverance and camera flashes blinded our vision.

And then we skipped off to Five Guys and OMG them fries doe.



Other adventures:

Mare Motos– King’s Road- Rude staff, gropey men, men who have the inability to use the words ‘Excuse me’ and lights came on at 2:30 AM. 2*

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