Walking amongst the metallic blades of skyscrapers and shiny glass of the city, me and an old uni friend were trundling along, nattering boys, friends and clothes, down Liverpool Street and walked past the Heron Tower.

Two girls were begging to go up for a drink at famous for the view bar Sushisamba but alas, they had no reservations and were turned away.

I’d had an inkling to go up my self, never having been before, but with the finality of the doorman’s voice in my ear, I dragged Jess on in hope of finding somewhere just as swanky to show off London to my non-London friend. But then, the doorman was ushering us towards him.

“Do you have a reservation with us tonight girls?”

Severely confused, I looked at him, “No, sorry, we don’t”

“You do, don’t you? You have a reservation here tonight, don’t you girls?”

I looked up at the tower, the lift whooshing up and with a plummeting heart of my own I admitted, “no, I didn’t have a reservation tonight.”

A massive wink later, a general push in the right direction and the doorman speaking into his headset that two “lovely ladies with a reservation (hahahha) were on their way up,” we were in!

Jess and I fell into the glass fronted lift on the outside of the Heron Tower and pressed 38. My stomach fell through the floor as we sped up into the clouds of London and watched the twinkling stars of office lights sparkle below us.

The bar was Orientally themed and very cool.  City types in city suits rah-rahed about finance and sipped on cocktails served by immaculate waitresses whilst me and Jess felt a little like imposters. I was feeling thankful I’d decided to wear my Zara 2013 Winter Collection coat that day.  It’s much nicer than my parka.

The views were spectacular, cocktails a tropical dream, they had a gorgeous outside area but the bar was a little cramped- especially if you wanted to admire the view.

Top tip: if you actually want to go, book a reservation.

Even if you’re not scared of heights, the lift is quite the experience

It’s quite hard to get a picture without glass reflection interrupting your masterpiece.

As far as a London experience goes- 5 stars

sushisamba  Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY Phone:020 3640 7330


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