2014- A year in review

2014 has been a rollercoaster and most importantly, an adventurous year. I feel like I’m an entirely different person from that girl who came back, chocolatey brown from India and thrown into the Big Smoke all green and fresh and basically, clueless.

This year, a lot has happened. I’ve been  on the equivalent of a holiday every two months, switched jobs, visited London landmarks, been exposed to way more than I could stomach on the night buses from crazy nights out with old friends and friends I’d just made that night and friends I’ll know I’ll talk to for a really long time. I’ve been propositioned in parks, thrown some great house parties and demanded XLXL pizzas in grimey takeaways as well as enjoying dainty canapes and artful mouthfuls in Chelsea.

I’ve had some ups and downs with my family- who I owe everything to- discovered that communication is a true art and one that fails to be exhibited well or easily in the gallery of life in London, I’ve lost touch with people I used to fester with for entire weekends and I’ve walked a good twenty minutes wearing clothes I haven’t changed out of in three days and a pair of slippers that belong to someone else.

I’ve made some amazing memories, lost and found myself, changed myself, changed back, got some wrinkles, too many greys, emptied my bank account, gone through 4 pairs of ankle boots, three different hair-cuts and some stripy highlights. But you know what? The things that have made this year in London so amazing are those in-between moments I never blog about.  Like meeting Grace after work because I’ve had a pooey day and getting hit on by homeless men, or going for a midnight walk down the river Thames with Matthew or sharing the perfect cuppa with Pete or watching Sex in the City and wanting a chunk of  camembert with Angie after a killer night out, or crying at Love Actually with Mark. Or missing my tube stop cos I’m reading an amazing book or being so stuffed after a taste-card meal that I literally can’t walk and having laughed so much that I throw up in my  mouth.

Yes, London is the greatest place in the world and there’s an adventure hidden around every corner, every brick contains some historical event and life pulses through the city as constant as the vein of the river Thames. But people forget to tell you that London is fucking hard, and coming out the other-side, having known you survived all that, that’s the biggest adventure of them all.

CHEESE ALERT MUCH- soz- but still true.

cue : highlight Facebook style video of all the flashback memories of the past year set to Hollywood blockbuster movie music and ineveitable tear coming to eye/bile rising in throat moment.

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