#LondonAdventure no 49 The Ivy


Doing the job I do, I’m very privileged to be able to visit really cool places and really cool people and today’s adventure is no exception.

the Ivy is possibly one of London’s most famous restaurants and venues.  Well known to be frequented by many a celeb, it’s a bit of an icon in the city.  In the hub of the West End, on an unassuming corner, we were ushered in by a door man into a palace of glass and mirrors.

I was there was because it happened to be where our Christmas party was for our authors. So, not only did I get to luxuriate in tissues as thick as hand towels in the bathroom and attempt to daintily eat caviar canapes whilst wearing the tightest dress, juggle a handbag and a glass, i also got to talk to the inventors of the stories i’d spent the past five months working on.

It was lovely to be invited along to somewhere so swanky!  I’d love to go back and eat at the restaurant where i’ve heard Nadine from Girls Aloud once procured some tiny scales from her tinier handbag to weigh out a tiny portion of food she was allowed to eat.

I’ll eat my whole plate if that’s alright actually? The set menu isn’t actually badly priced either!

Overall, the party was a resounding success- which you know is true when you neglect to take one picture, not even a cheeky selfie!

Food&other Adventures.

Dishoom– Granary Square, King’s Cross. There are no words. Just go. Seriously. Me and Matt were so full but wanted so much more.


Chiminee– Paddington – Celebratory Persian persuasion meal. The most tender lamb and rice as fluffy as clouds.  I’m now also a fan of Torshi (Iranian pickles.)



1920’s – Holborn. Pool bar, weird wine bags, me, Grace and Dan Walker acting very awkward at the Lancaster Alumni event.


The Champion– charming pub in Notting Hill with a not-so-secret garden and great 80’s music

The Toyshop – Putney- Good vibe, expensive.  Inadvertently turned up wearing the same grey t and leather skirt combo as another girl.  She wore it better.


OctoberFest-Fulham Massive, massive steins. People dancing on tables. Good fun

Byron’s– Putney Bridge- Better than usual, but perhaps that was the company.

Byron’s– Westbourne Grove. Standard food, better than standard service

Cafe Plum-Hammersmith- quaint, cute, homely, perfect for a healthy and filling lunch

Ruen Thai– Hammersmith- amazing Singapore noodles. Intrigued by prawns in blankets

Strada– Parson’s Green- distinctly average, not memorable

Mark, ready for Strada

The Elk Bar– Fulham. A student bar I think. Good for a dance and if you want to be chatted up by a personal trainer, enthusiastic student, extra from the Only Way is Essex or creepy Italian that wants to photograph your eyes… Angharad was popular.

Amuse Bouche– quickly becoming my favourite bar in London. Cool, unpretentious vibe. You can buy 3 litres of champagne there too…


The Third Wife– Lisa Jewell. Could not put it down

Hello From the Gillespies Monica Mcirney- Gripping family drama set in the Australian outback

Age, Sex, Location– Melissa Pimental- Hilarious portrayal of dating in your 20’s. Great for fans of Girls or anyone that has had a disastrous date

The Darkest Hour– Barbara Eskine. Romantic time slip genre.  Not my usual but thoroughly enjoying.

Flesh and Blood– Patricia Cornwell- Pacy and a pageturner. Not disappointed by my first Pat C.







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