#LondonAdventure no 48 Stockholm, Sweden

In Stockholm, Sweden, everything is zoomed in, high focus, sharp.

The air pierces your nostrils. The wind rakes through your hair. The cold pricks at your skin. Sharp.

The colours are clear. Crisp. Cold. Sharp.

But it’s stark and clean and simple and beautiful. And one day I would love to go back.

The old town is all storybook houses, cobbled streets and the scent of honey almond wine smokes around the maze of streets making it all smell like Christmas. The rest is grungy and graffiti and beer. Expensive tailored coats and cute cafes and an absence of Starbucks.

Relax and take a fika – a Swedish coffee break taken multiple times a day and enjoy a kanelleboulle.

Salmon, cinnamon and dark rye bread.

It’s expensive but worth it.

Bring a good coat. Hold hands. People watch.


9489_10152815015156163_4014136404416233907_n 10363958_10152815013486163_8409197894360464431_n 10377436_10152815018916163_733129188375113187_n 10390915_10152815019311163_3480981692353895162_n 10734001_10152815017341163_8188714876595614743_n 10730964_10152815017071163_1532432269641481395_n 10547640_10152815015081163_5837560346870599411_n 10421132_10152815012506163_6979900670016940533_n 10396277_10152815021096163_5395958644123739664_n

Pictures from Matthew Hemmaty


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